Welcome Back!

It goes without saying that this past year has been difficult for so many, if not outright painful. Some of the pain has been direct – the pain of illness or of losing a loved one. For some the pain came from losing a job or dealing with a major economic setback.

Some of the pain has been indirect. Like the pain of living, day after day, with a general sense that things aren’t quite right. Or the pain of losing the things we took for granted. Maybe you’ve even experienced the pain that comes from living in close quarters with spouses and children you love…but you don’t have enough absence to make your heart grow fonder…

Hopefully the pain of this past year helped to focus your attention on what is important in life. Faith. Family. Health. Friendship. Kindness. Community.

We have, thanks be to God, turned the corner on the pandemic. Vaccines have been distributed to those who need them. Businesses, schools and hospitals are settling into a rhythm. It will take time to return fully to normal, but we know that day is coming.

I’ve spent months reflecting on this pandemic, and how it has impacted our Church and community. I’m focused, grateful and excited for everything that lies ahead of us in 2021. God has done so many good things in the last year. I see his hand at work – especially now!

Here’s what I know today:

  1. We are coming back from this, and our parish will be stronger because of it.
  2. We are going to celebrate our parish “re-opening” in a big way, so please, plan on joining me at our parish picnic on Sunday, September 12. It promises to be a wonderful opportunity to come together as a parish family once again.
  3. As things return to normal, we will cherish every moment of community and fellowship and take nothing for granted.

I hope you know that I never take you for granted either. Your support of our parish means so much to me, and I appreciate all that you do.

You and your family are in my prayers, and I hope that I am in yours.

Gratefully in Christ,

Fr. Steve