Jesus and the Eucharist Small Group Series

As we continue this year of Eucharistic Revival, we would like to invite you to our parish’s Jesus and the Eucharist 7 week series. This was specifically designed for the Year of Parish Revival of the National Eucharistic Revival and it provides a great opportunity to dive more deeply into the richness of our Eucharistic faith. Each session is full of rich theological content, powerful testimonies and unique and timely messages from individual bishops across the country. This series will be a special time to grow in community within our parish as we walk this sacred year together.

Beginning the week of January 28th through the week ending March 23rd, we have opportunities for you to Join us for this small group series “Jesus and the Eucharist”. This small group study is for anyone from middle school ages and up! Our hope is to have as many participants as possible.  We’d like for this opportunity to be offered in our parishioners’ homes (groups of 6 to 8) as well as here at the Church so that all may be able to participate.

If you are not able to participate at the Church, if you’d like to do the series in your home or if you miss a session, each video and handout is below for your use.

Tuesday, January 30th – 9:45am & 6:30pm – Session 1
Tuesday, February 6th – 9:45am & 6:30pm – Session 2
Tuesday, February 13th – 9:45am & 6:30pm – Session 3
Tuesday, February 20th – 9:45am & 6:30pm – Session 4
Tuesday, February 27th – 9:45am & 6:30pm – Session 5
*Parish Mission March 3, 4 & 5th – No Ministries this week
Tuesday, March 12th – 9:45am & 6:30pm – Session 6
Tuesday, March 19th – 9:45am & 6:30pm – Session 7

Jesus and the Eucharist Series Contents:

Session 1 – What’s our Story?

Session 2 – Who is Jesus?

Session 3 – Am I Saved?

Session 4 – Why a Church?

Session 5 – God Is with Us

Session 6 – The Story of the Eucharist

Session 7 – Bread for the Journey