Baptism is the first of the seven Sacraments that we receive in the Church. Along with the Sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Eucharist, they are called the Sacraments of Christian Initiation. Baptism initiates us into the Life of Christ in His Church. It is the gateway to our life in the Holy Spirit and the door which gives access to all of the other Sacraments. In Baptism, we are “reborn” as children of God, made members of the Mystical Body of Christ and made sharers in His mission.

Baptisms are held privately and scheduled with the priest (typically on Saturday afternoons). Parents and Godparents are required to attend a Baptism Preparation class at least two weeks PRIOR to the child’s Baptism. See links below to fill out a Baptism Registration form and to register for the online Baptism Preparation class. 

Church Law requires that a candidate for Baptism – for membership in the Church community – should be sponsored by a baptized and confirmed member of the Catholic Church who is willing and able to help the child develop and grow in the Catholic Faith. There must be at least one sponsor or godparent. In the case where there are two sponsors, one must be male and the other female. The maximum number of sponsors is two. The minimum age for a baptized and confirmed Catholic to be a sponsor is sixteen (16) years of age. A baptized Christian non-Catholic may not be a sponsor, but may act as a witness. Non-baptized persons may not officially act as a sponsor or a witness to a Baptism of a child in the Catholic Faith.

Each baptized and confirmed sponsor or godparent must retain a Baptismal/Sponsor Certificate by contacting the parish office where they are registered and request the certificate. Once it’s signed by the sponsor or godparent, it should be received by our Parish office at least two weeks prior to the Baptism.

*** Parents will be required to provide a copy of the child’s birth certificate. ***

Click HERE to fill out a Baptism Application for the child to be baptized.  Contact the parish office to schedule your child’s Baptism.  

Parents & Godparents – Click HERE  to register for the online class for Baptismal Preparation.